The DER challenge (geplant)

Supporting the grid and capturing the value of distributed energy resources (DER)

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Utility planners and operators who are responsible for keeping the lights on for all customers have limited experience utilizing customer owned generating equipment or demand response for meeting the needs of the electric grid. As the majority of existing DG has been installed for electricity supply purposes, very few generators are equipped with the infrastructure necessary to provide ancillary services. Such infrastructure includes governors, automatic voltage regulators, resynchronisation facilities, and appropriate protection, monitoring and communication facilities.

Planned content of the international market report

  • Basics
    • DER including distributed generation, storage and responsive loads
    • Ancillary services
  • Technology
    • EMS and Scada systems for on-site generation activation
    • Infrastructure necessary to provide ancillary services
  • Strategic drivers
    • Growing peak load
    • Dropping of reserve margins
    • Increased reliability
    • Environmental benefits
    • Financial incentives
  • Strategic challenges
    • Levelling the playing field
    • Establishing rules
    • Finding appropriate business cases
    • Industry conservatism
  • The payoff
  • Country chapters
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