What is wind:research?

By wind:research, a brand of trend:research – one of the leading German market research institutes in the energy industry – the institute's competences and experiences in the offshore wind sector are bundled in an own branch office in Bremerhaven, Germany. wind:research focuses on analysing potentials in the growth market of onshore and offshore wind energy.

wind:research offers the following products and services:

  • market studies, analyses, and reports
  • studies and reports on technology and innovation
  • competitive analyses and market player analyses (e.g. service providers, supplier)
  • consulting
  • due diligence


The Worldwide Wind Onshore Maintenance Market Market, competition and perspectives for wind onshore turbine maintenance worldwide

The fight between ISPs and OEMs

Within the scope of the new wind:research report “The Worldwide Wind Onshore Maintenance Market. Market, competition and perspectives for wind onshore turbine maintenance worldwide“ the status quo and future developments in the onshore wind services will be detailed on around 130 pages and 100 pages (Profiles) based on the analysis of significant framework conditions, markets and competitors in over 18 countries worldwide.

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The Global Market for Offshore Wind Energy Status Quo and Market Potentials until 2030

The growing offshore wind energy (OWE) market is in a new phase of development. Firstly, installed capacity increased by over 10 % (1.7 GW) only in the first half of 2017 to over 16 GW installed (worldwide). Secondly recent tenders have resulted in low prices, down to zero bids. The auction for German offshore wind farms which ended in spring 2017 resulted in 0.0 ct/kWh for 3 parks with 1,380 MW – out of 4 parks being tendered. Offshore wind parks not needing any subsidies (only grid connection) any more are expected to speed up the international market in an impressive and enormous manner. Many countries will now be able to realise a bigger share of renewable energy in their energy mix. This study analyses the future market development until 2030, expecting about 220 GW installed OWE worldwide (best case scenario)[…]

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Our knowledge - your advantage: wind_offshore:geodata


By the wind_offshore:geodata, wind:research offers an extensive service portfolio in the field of GIS (geographic information system), ranging from consulting services for data acquisition and collection to the assistance for finding and analysing appropriate locations. Thanks to the spatial connection and visualisation of different information levels, complex spatial relations can be depicted and analysed. wind_offshore:geodata comprises the following information:

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