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Value Creation in the Offshore Wind Energy in Germany:
Distribution, Scope, Development of Market Participants and Employment

In 2011 we, wind:research, published in cooperation with WAB and PWC a widely recognized study on “Value Creation in the Offshore Wind Energy in Germany”. Currently we are working on a new edition of the study to get up-to-date data and numbers for the currently ongoing political discussion in Berlin regarding the future expansion goals and the currently capped on 15 GW offshore wind expansion.

Therefore e.g. the importance of operation and services as well as further investments into the German economy are analysed and emphasised, to use profound data to influence political decision makers regarding the future of the offshore wind industry. Especially reaching decision makers from alleged “non-offshore-states” is of utmost importance, to reach a positive or at least neutral opinion on this topic. In this context, plant manufacturers, operators, service providers and associations are interviewed. We would be delighted if you take the time to answer a few questions for us and therefore increase representativity.