The Global Market for Offshore Wind Energy (3rd Edition)

Status Quo and Market Potentials until 2030

Studiennummer: 21-1501-3 Studienbereich:WindenergieStudienart: ReportSeitenzahl:290 SeitenErscheinungsdatum:November 2019Preis: 490,00 €

The international market report “The Global Market for Offshore Wind Energy” responds once again to the still ongoing rapid pace of the development in the global offshore wind industry. It provides a current overview of the relevant countries worldwide for the first half year of 2019 and is therefore globally unique. The 2019 report shows the updated figures as well as a more in-depth look into selected markets and sums up opportunities, risks, and major trends. It compares major figures from the first half year report from last year to show the development of the industry. A new chapter demonstrates the value creation throughout a country (e.g. Germany) and its wide regional spread of value creation.

The shock of the zero bids are now history; the global market for offshore wind energy therefore develops rapidly towards a regular part of the (electricity) market. PPAs are an important mediator on this way. Nevertheless, the market is still dominated by political and technological risks as the development is proceeding rapidly towards lower costs, mainly driven by auctioning systems. But opportunities are rising as well, especially in international and secondary or subsequent markets.

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